Elite 24K Gold Volume Lash Tweezers

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24 Karat Gold Tweezers - the pick up location has been set precisely and selected to help you pick up a perfect fan every time. 

Amazing for small, big and Mega volume Fans! 

Pair these with our Obsession Collection Silk Pro Lashes for a perfect fan every time! 

J Curve - We are absolutely loving this tweezer for Classic, Volume and Mega Volume lashing! Amazing precision and incredible quality! Ideal for volume and mega volume fan making.

45 Degree Curve - Ideal for isolation to give your wrist a break, also great for volume fan making. 

Straight - This tweezer is a must have for all artists.  Precision is on point. Up your lash game with these! 

Boot - Great for creating hand-made fans, with a large sweet spot for easier pick-up. These tweezers are a great asset for any Volume lash set. 

Caring for your tweezers- Proper care of your lashing tools is of utmost importance! Set a timer when disinfecting these tweezers (check the required time on the disinfectant). Wash with water, and dry with a paper towel immediately.