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Lash Laundry - Foaming Lash Cleanser and Brush

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The Ultimate PH-Balanced Cleanser for the longest lasting lashes!

Introducing Fixe Beauty's Lash Laundry, the ultimate cleanser specifically formulated to maintain the perfect pH balance for eyes and eyelash extension adhesion. Our unique formula ensures maximum adhesive retention and efficacy, providing you and your clients with long-lasting, beautiful lash extensions.

Key Benefits:

  1. Perfect pH Balance: Lash Laundry is expertly formulated to maintain the ideal pH balance for eyes and lash adhesion, resulting in optimal retention and adhesive performance. The science behind our cleanser ensures that the natural lashes are at their best condition, allowing for maximum bonding between the extensions and the natural lashes.
  2. Maximum Adhesive Retention and Efficacy: Our Lash Laundry not only cleanses the natural lashes, but also enhances adhesive performance. By properly preparing the lash surface, our cleanser ensures that your adhesive works at its full potential, providing your clients with long-lasting, stunning lash extensions.
  3. Easy to Use: Lash Laundry is incredibly simple to incorporate into your lash application process. Apply a small amount of cleanser onto a clean, lint-free applicator, gently brush through the lashes, and rinse thoroughly with water. Your clients' lashes will be clean, refreshed, and ready for the perfect extension application.
  4. Recommended by Experts: Fixe Beauty's Lash Laundry is trusted and recommended by industry professionals for its exceptional performance and quality. Our cleanser is designed to work synergistically with our other Fixe Beauty products to ensure that you can provide top-quality lash extensions for your clients.

Invest in the best for your lash business with Fixe Beauty's Lash Laundry, the ultimate pH-balanced cleanser for eyes and lash extensions. Experience the difference that our cleanser can make in your clients' lash retention and adhesive efficacy. 

Every lash artist should carry a lash care after product for retail in their business to promote healthy lashes for their clients - so we made it easy for you! Check out our Wholesale Pack of Lash Laundry HERE. Order now and elevate your lash game to new heights.

1x 50ml Foaming Lash Cleanser and a Cleansing Brush

Tips to Help your Lashes Last Longer:

Tip#1: Avoid oily products on your eye area

Avoid your eye area if you must use heavy night creams​ or serums​. ​Oils​ will ​weaken the adhesive bond,​ and ca​n cause extensions to slip off​ prematurely.​ 

Tip#2: Maintain your lashes and prepare for fills

It's ideal to properly cleanse your lashes regularly after your appointment, and in particular, just before infills - this refreshes the lashes and takes off residue so they are ready for that next appointment.

Tip#3: Reduce the risk of irritation

Having clean, healthy lashes means you could wear your eyelash extensions comfortably for years, and helps prevent irritation from dirt and makeup build-up which can irritate the lash line.

Learn more about how to use this and WHY it works in this BLOG!