Fixated Lash Adhesive

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Keep your lashes in place with FIXATED Lash Adhesive by Fixe Beauty. This adhesive has a 1-2 seconds dry time with great viscosity.  It is amazing for both Classic and Volume lashing and the versatility works with whatever you need it to do, allowing you more time to correct directional and placement problems, especially when you are first starting out or when you are learning more advanced techniques. 

Fixated Adhesive will give you phenomenal retention!  It works best in humidity between 25%-45% (recommended 40%) and temperature between 19-21 degrees C.

Ingredients: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl methacrylate, Carbon Black

**Are you ready to shorten your To Do list and stop worrying about reordering adhesive? FYI: Adhesive needs to be replaced every 30 days so let’s take back your time!  Check out the Fixated monthly subscription. A fresh glue every month plus an amazing discount! Set it up here!