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Fixated Lash Adhesive*

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**Black Friday SPECIAL! Add Fixated Subscription and get a FREE Primer on your first order** ( free primer will be added to order and not shown on check

This is the most versatile adhesive in our lineup. This is a Fixe Fam Favourite and our #1 seller because it works in all environments and for Lash Pros at any skill level. 

You will love this for Classic and Volume lashing. 

Key Features:

  • Rapid 1-2 second dry time for efficient application
  • Retention up to 6-8 weeks for long-lasting results
  • Optimal performance at 20-70% humidity 
  • Optimal temperature - Lower than 23°C  (73.4°F)
  • Safe for sensitive clients with low fume formulation
  • Black color for seamless blending with natural lashes

For perfect retention every time, pair with The Engagement Primer and the Lock It Down Accelerator. This powerful trio of products ensures your adhesive performs at its best, even in varying environments. Elevate your lash game and provide clients with stunning, long-lasting results.