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Fixe Beauty

FIXE Pro Adhesive*

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**Black Friday SPECIAL! Add Fixe Pro Subscription and get a FREE Primer on your first order** ( free primer will be added to order and not shown on checkout) 

Say Goodbye to bad lash days and Hello to your new lash soulmate. 

Introducing the hardest working and fastest adhesive in the line up!

Key Features:

  • Ultra-fast 0.5 second dry time for advanced application techniques
  • Remarkable retention up to 8 weeks, ensuring client satisfaction
  • Formulated with Flexi-Cure technology for a flexible, comfortable bond
  • Excellent performance at 45-65% humidity and 68-72°F (20-22°C)
  • Low fume and low odor for enhanced client comfort
  • Oil-resistant and waterproof, perfect for active lifestyles
  • Deep black color for a seamless, natural-looking finish
  • Flexi-Cure technology offers a flexible bond that moves with the natural lash, providing increased comfort and durability. 

For perfect retention and faster results, pair with The Engagement Primer and the Lock It Down Accelerator. This powerful trio of products ensures your adhesive performs at its best, even in varying environments. Elevate your lash game and provide clients with stunning, long-lasting results.