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Lock It Down - Lash Adhesive Accelerator and Superbonder

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Lock It Down Accelerator & Superbonder - Unleash Your Lash Potential

Unlock the ultimate lash experience with Fixe Beauty's Lock It Down Accelerator & Superbonder. This dynamic duo is designed to enhance your eyelash extension application by speeding up the dry time of lash glue, helping it work at maximum efficiency in any environment.

Key Benefits:

~Faster Dry Time: Our Lock It Down Accelerator speeds up the bonding process of cyanoacrylate adhesive, allowing your lash glue to work at its optimal dry time. Say goodbye to waiting around for your adhesive to cure, and hello to a faster, more efficient lash application experience.

~Maximum Efficiency: The unique formula of our Accelerator ensures your adhesive works at its peak performance level. This means a 0.5-second glue will truly work in 0.5 seconds, enabling you to work faster, avoid stickies, and maintain perfect isolation.

~Works in Any Environment: Whether you're dealing with high or low humidity, the Lock It Down Accelerator & Superbonder can help your adhesive perform at its best in any conditions. No more worrying about fluctuating temperatures or humidity levels affecting your adhesive's performance.

~Easy Application: Our Accelerator is incredibly easy to use in your lash application process. 

    1. Simply apply a small amount to a microfiber brush and gently swipe it along the base of the lash strip before dipping it into your adhesive. 
    2. Repeat throughout service as needed
    3. Watch as your glue cure faster, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently.

~Recommended by Experts: Fixe Beauty's Lock It Down Accelerator & Superbonder is trusted and recommended by industry professionals. Our products are carefully formulated to deliver the best results, ensuring that you can provide top-quality lash extensions for your clients.

Unlock the full potential of your eyelash extension adhesive with Fixe Beauty's Lock It Down Accelerator & Superbonder. Experience the difference it can make in your lash application speed, efficiency, and overall performance.

Order now and transform your lash game!