Obsession Collection Elite SS Volume Lash Tweezers

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The GRIP ZONE on these tweezers are ON POINT. Each and every time. 

We also love these for isolating those tricky inner and outer corners. 

The pick up location has been set precisely and selected to help you pick up a perfect fan every time. 

Amazing for small, big and Mega volume Fans! 

Pair these with our Obsession Collection Silk Pro Lashes for a perfect fan every time! 

J curve- Ideal for volume and mega volume fan making

45 Degree curve- Ideal for isolation to give your wrist a break, also great for volume fan making. 

Caring for your tweezers- Proper care of your lashing tools is of utmost importance! Set a timer when disinfecting these tweezers (check the required time on the disinfectant). Wash with water, and dry with a paper towel immediately.