Black Friday - SPLIT TIP 0.15 & 0.20 Cashmere Pro Premium Lashes

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Flat Split Tip lashes hold the properties of a flat lash but has a minor detail on the tip  that allows for a little extra softness to the end result!

Each Fixe Beauty Cashmere Split tip Lash tray has 16 strips of our matte flat lashes. They have a uniform look and always hold their shape and curl. The finish on the Fixe Beauty Flat Split Tip lash has a mild shine. Just enough for a bit more drama! 

Flat lashes are tapered, like a traditional lash extension. The difference is that the frontal exposure is wider. This gives an even more dramatic look than a standard extension of any sort. You get the look of a 0.20 but, the weight of a 0.15!