FIXE Pro Adhesive

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Say Goodbye to bad lash days and Hello to your new lash soulmate. 

Introducing the ONLY adhesive you will ever need.

Mega, Volume, and Classic - get all the retention, all the flexibility and longevity you need to do what you do, and let your glue do the rest. 

This is literally the most adaptable, longest lashing, easiest to use Lash Adhesive ever!

For Lash Pros who have been lashing for years, or for people just starting out, this is the one product you absolutely need in your toolkit. 

This adhesive will literally perform in any humidity range and the dry times are incredible. 

Ideal Conditions:

All conditions are a go with Fixe Pro Adhesive. 

Fixe PRO adhesive works for you. Where you are. 

Stop stressing about climate and humidity control in your lash space, and spend time focussing on what you do best- loving on your clients and giving them gorgeous lashes. 

For those who love details: 

Humidity between 15%-30% - approx 1 sec dry time or faster

30% and up - 0.5 Second dry time or faster. 

As always, the higher the humidity, the faster your dry time, but the best part is, you don't need to fret, because this glue shows up ready to work for you wherever you are. 

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