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FIXE Clear Adhesive*

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FIXE Clear Adhesive brings together incredible retention, low fumes and 1-2 second set time all without the carbon black! 

This adhesive is a perfect compliment to our tried and true FIXE Pro and Fixated Adhesives and is especially great for anyone who is allergic or reacting to carbon black (the ingredient in adhesives that gives it the black color)

Even though all lash adhesives contain cyonacrylate, this is the best product to significantly lower reactions with your clients!


*It works best in humidity between 40%-55% and temperature between 18-22 degrees C. 

 ATTENTION: This is a clear glue so be sure to pay attention to the amount of product you are using. Not recommended for beginner use and cannot be used for exams.


**Are you ready to shorten your To Do list and stop worrying about reordering adhesive? FYI: Adhesive needs to be replaced every 30 days so let’s take back your time!  Check out the Fixe Clear Adhesive monthly subscription. A fresh glue every month and SAVE 20%! Set it up here!