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Lash Lift Kit

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Our Lash Lift Kit is designed to safely and effectively provide the ultimate lift without compromising lash health. In fact, our Fixe formula actually includes an extra treatment to make your clients lashes softer, with less potential for damage. 

Each kit Includes enough product to provide over 30 lash lifts, is Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free and contains:

  • Step 1 - Lift - 5ml
  • Step 2 - Fixe - 5ml
  • Step 3 - Nourish - 5ml 
  • Adhesive - 5ml
  • Lash Wands
  • Flocks
  • Y Comb
  • Silicone Lash Shields
  • Under Eye Pads
Exposure Time 
Fine Lash: 5-6 Mins
Regular Lash: 6-7 Mins
Thick Lash: 7-8 Mins
*Tint not included*