Obsession Bundle

Obsession Bundle

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Bundle your FAV Obsession Volume items together and save! Plus, how cute is this Fixe Branded Bag?! 

Grab two mixed trays of Obsession Lashes, a pair of the Obsession Collection Elite SS Volume Lash Tweezers in both the J Curve & 45 Degree. 

Fixe Obsession Lashes are beautiful with soft silky bliss. These lashes fan like butter, are blacker than the midnight sky and are the easiest lashes on the market to use, hands down! With 1 tray of 0.05 Mix D Curls as well as 1 tray of 0.03 Mix D Curls included in the bundle, you will be set for all your Volume lash sets!

And speaking of Tweezers - the GRIP ZONE on these tweezers are ON POINT. Each and every time.  We also love these for isolating those tricky inner and outer corners. 

The pick up location has been set precisely and selected to help you pick up a perfect fan, each and every time!