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Fixe Beauty

Speed Pack

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Save 20% when you bundle our Speed Lineup! This all-in-one solution ensures you're ready to lash anywhere, any lash, and in any environment, while providing unbeatable speed, quality, and retention.

Included in the Speed Pack:

  1. The Engagement Primer: Prep the natural lashes by removing excess oil and balancing their pH for perfect retention every time. This powerful primer eliminates debris and oils, preparing the lashes for a seamless bond with the adhesive.
  2. Lock It Down Accelerator: Enhance the performance of Fixated and Fixe Pro Adhesives by speeding up their dry times. Ideal for use in any environment, whether high or low humidity, this accelerator ensures maximum adhesive efficiency.
  3. Fixated Adhesive (dry time: 1 second): Adaptable dry time for clients with harder-to-isolate lashes or multiple lash layers. Formulated to provide exceptional retention, low fumes, and optimal performance in various humidity and temperature ranges.
  4. Fixe Pro Adhesive (dry time: 0.5 seconds): Ultra-fast dry time for advanced lash artists, perfect for quick classic sets. Designed for clients with easy-to-lash layers or environments with unstable humidity and temperatures. Offers remarkable retention, Flexi-Cure technology, and a deep black finish.

The Speed Pack is a must-have for lash professionals seeking maximum retention anywhere, any time, and in any environment. Invest in this comprehensive lineup to ensure you're always prepared to deliver exceptional results for your clients.