The Society 90- Day Program

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The Society is an exclusive invite-only VIP Coaching program for women who are dedicated to becoming an Elite Lash Artist AND a Boss in Business.
What's included
  • One:One Coaching: Dive deep into goal setting and develop your own success roadmap with 3 private success calls with your Society Success Coach
  • 90 Day goal setting course and goal setting journal: Get your ALL access pass to your weekly technical and mindset coaching as well as a full 90 day program customized to get you where you NEED to be
  • BONUS: 3 Month Mastermind VIP Membership
  • BONUS: 90 Day Success plan Journal mailed directly to your door
  • FINANCING AVAILABLE - Click the link below to purchase or apply for financing

Why do some lash artists continue to struggle while others soar to $100,000+ per year?

Truth talk here.

Being in the beauty industry comes with so many incredible gifts - after all, how incredible does it feel to make another woman FEEL MORE BEAUTIFUL!!!

It's so fulfilling to see our clients open their eyes, look in the mirror, and truly admire themselves. This is the blessing of lashes.

But let's be honest - with every blessing often comes a curse.

The blessing is making women feel BETTER about themselves.

The curse is turning your love of lashes into a REAL BUSINESS.

It's one thing to be a lash artist.

It's a completely other thing to become a lash QUEEN, who is growing her lash empire.

And this is exactly why I've created The Society.

The Society is for lash artists who want to become LASH QUEENS - and turn your passion into real financial prosperity.

Financial success does not happen by luck.

It happens through specific business growth strategies.

The Society is a 90-day VIP Coaching Program, where myself and my 2 top educators are going to show you EXACTLY what you need to do to:

- Attract your dream clientele
- Charge what you're worth
- Provide exceptional customer service
- Be fully-booked
- Grow your business like a boss

The Society is not for everyone.

It's for women who are committed to become a boss in business.

I can't wait to see you soar!